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Lego Ninjago Exclusive Special Edition Set #2519 Skeleton Bowling Includes Jay Dragon Ninja Mini Figure Spinner !

Rating 5
Ninjago Exclusive Special Edition Set


I actually liked that the Lego set has the feature of includes 7 minifigures: jay in dragon suit and 6 skeletons. Other features include flick-fire the arena's wall missiles. Bar Code# 673419144940. The Lego set weighs about 2 lbs. To get the best bargain on this product in addition to other Legos, check out the market add to cart button below.

b Send these skeletons flying! * Skelaton Bowling arena measures more than 11 (28cm) wide and 5 (12cm) tall Includes Exclusive Jay in his Dragon Ninja Suit Mini Figure and Spinner! With a selection of 9 different weapons, youre sure to get a strike! /b Its time to test your spinjitzu abilities to the max! Watch out for the flick missiles on the walls! Place your character on the spinner and see how many skeletons you can send flying! * Includes 7 minifigures Jay in dragon suit and 6 skeletons * Features 9 weapons 2 silver katana, 2 spears, 2 axes, 2 double scythes and 1 sword * Flickfire the arenas wall missiles * Open and close the arena walls to adjust difficulty!


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