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Sensei Wu

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Sensei Wu
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Easy put together with Sensei Wu One of the key attributes is the up to 14 years b> at the age of six: age. Other highlights include things like target gender: b> boy and safety standards: b> ce. The Ninjago set dimensions are 1.1"H x 9.06"L x 6.77"W and it weighs something like 0.21 lbs. Sensei Wu . For additional details on this Ninjago set, click on our store add to shopping cart button on this page.

Help the Master of Spinjitzu, LEGO Ninjago Sensei battle against his brother, the evil Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army. Set the pure optic spinner in motion to attack his enemies and lead him to victory. Why You'll Adore It: Use the tricks on the battle cards to change the outcome with the battle. Age: 6 to 14 years FeaturesSensei Wu mini figureWeapons include golden staff, kusari gama in addition to a golden sword1 pure optic spinner4 battle cards1 character card


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